The Campaign to fight against gravel extraction in Haddiscoe is an ongoing process.

To ensure that your interests and views are represented, and that all avenues are explored, a committee was elected to provide this function (Public meeting 3rd March 2008).

Your committee members 2013

Each of the members below brings a different skill and point-of-view to the committee. We all strive to represent the opinions of the villagers and will ensure those opinions are considered and represented at any formal hearings in the future.


Chairman: Rory Kelsey Low Farm
Secretary: Vacant  
Treasurer: Vic Hills  


Events Coordinator: Chris Colby The Alders
IT Coordinator: Andy Palmer Manya
Fundraising: Vacant  


“The Street”: Steve Earl Parkside
“Thorpe Rd / Loke”: Eve Basford Newgate
“Rectory Rd”: Diane Smith  
“Low Rd”: Tim Haycock The Hollies
“Thorpe-Next-Haddiscoe”: Chris Allen Marsh Farm

What we do?

Here is a (non exhaustive) list of some of the things the committee is doing for you:

Number of Unique Visitors: