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Why Join?

Joining the campaign officially has one very important benefit - it means the the committee can prove the size of the village's commitment against these proposals. Signing a petition will also show the number of people against the proposed pit!

Want some inspiration? Have a read of the letter which 'kicked' the campaign off.

How much does it cost?

We are only asking for £10 to join the campaign.

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How to Join.

  1. Print out this PDF file: Adobe Document (60KB). You can get Adobe Reader above if you need it.
  2. Send the completed form, your membership fee and any donation to the Treasurer's address near the bottom of the letter.

How to donate.

Our treasurer will need your address to prove the legitimacy of the donation for audit purposes. If you want to be anonymous, please state this clearly and you will be removed from our membership list.


A petition for the village was started by Windmill Cottages on Thorpe Road. You can still visit them and sign up there. Alternatively, You can download a petition form Adobe Document (18Kb), fill it in yourself and then send it to any of the committee members to put with the others.
If you need to post the completed forms, the membership form Adobe Document (60KB) has all the details you need.

Once completed all the details will be presented to a senior politician who is in a related position to this campaign. Keep an eye on the StoPit News for more information.

What else can I do?

If you can't afford any money there are still things you can do. Have a look at our fundraising page and see if you can help at one of those - run a a stall, put up gazebo's, supervise a bouncy castle and so on.

Have you got one of our signs? NO! E-mail the webmaster and he can put you in-touch with our signmaker or arrange for one to be made available to you.
OR click HERE Adobe Document (PDF 6KB) and print the document on your colour printer - stick that in your window (house or car) and you're doing your bit!

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